Professional Staffing Partners

Contract or Temporary Staffing

We specialize in providing clients with pre-screened qualified personnel for short-term, long-term, and temporary to permanent assignments nationwide. Hiring personnel on a contract basis allows our clients to support their interim staffing needs, maintain proper staffing levels, retain valuable talent, and reduce employee-related costs. Our customizable staffing solutions allow organizations to adjust their workforce as needed in the most efficient and cost-effective approach possible.

Direct Hire Placement

We thrive on open, honest, and timely communication and work in partnership with our clients to understand their business priorities and company culture. Our direct hire service allows you to concentrate on your business while we look for the right candidate.

We have a proven search process that locates active and passive professionals for your urgent and critical hiring requests. We also conduct a thorough screening and evaluation process with all prospective candidates.

Professional Staffing Partners
Professional Staffing Partners


Have you identified the right candidate for your organization, but not in a position to hire them directly?

Professional Staffing Partners provides valued-added payroll services at competitive rates. We offer a streamlined, customizable hiring process and provide employees with a dedicated staff to assist with pay distribution and continuing human resources support. As employment experts, we serve as the employer of record, offering simplified, cost-effective staffing for your contract workforce.