About Us

Why Choose Professional Staffing Partners?

We are efficient and effective. Clients work with us because we do great work. We recognize that we are only successful if our clients are successful.

Professional Staffing Partners
Professional Staffing Partners

Mission and Values

Professional Staffing Partners is a company founded on the belief that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. We are committed to providing superior customer service and cost-effective staffing solutions. Our goal is to be a seamless extension for our clients while connecting great people to great organizations.

We provide excellent customer service to our clients and employees with the highest degree of integrity, transparency, and commitment to excellence.

Our Management Philosophy

Professional Staffing Partners strives for a strong relationship between the company, the employee, and the client. We believe in providing the best employment experience possible. This, coupled with our ability to listen and immediately respond to our client’s needs, has been the basis for our success.

Professional Staffing Partners
Professional Staffing Partners


We are not an 8-5 company. We answer your calls, respond in a timely manner to emails, and treat all matters with clients and employees with a sense of urgency. 

Superior Customer Service 

Our business values include integrity, transparency, and commitment to excellence. We go above and beyond and work diligently to develop and maintain positive relationships with clients and employees by being responsive, professional, and respectful.

Professional Staffing Partners
Professional Staffing Partners

Streamlined Processes

Our commitment to excellence and efficient processes define our capabilities and ability to provide superior customer service. Our proven recruitment processes and customized staffing services fulfill your workforce needs and business goals while ensuring 100% compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We utilize a carefully structured and repeatable recruitment process in order to increase efficiency in hiring and to ensure consistency and satisfaction in the recruitment and selection process. A customized on boarding process is developed with each client to furnish new hires with everything they need to be successful.


“Professional Staffing Partners (PSP) has an incredible team that continuously exceeds our expectations. They respond quickly to their client recruitment needs and provide well qualified candidates. What I find most impressive is their understanding of how to serve a large business that needs to act fast within the guidelines of corporate processes. They are honest, dependable and hard-working and give each interaction a personal touch. They are a delight to work with and our relationship is rewarding, both personally and professionally.”

“I found that the process for recruitment and hiring was quite seamless. The staff are all very accommodating and personable. The new employee instruction booklet answered basically all of my questions and was easy to follow. The electronic timesheet was easy to fill out, and I think the weekly reminder to send in hours worked is a good idea. I enjoyed my time with PSP and think the entire administration/staff are very easy to work with and very helpful.”

“I am very pleased with employment with PSP. Every question I had was answered promptly. I never felt neglected. PSP was always supportive and kept in touch regularly. Thank you for this positive experience. I will recommend PSP to others.”

“Your Diverse classification combined with our previous business interactions makes your company a welcome partner to our hiring process. Both Megan and her partner Jan are outstanding people and they will work hard to supply you with engineers.”

“The reason we are working with PSP is because you do great work.”

"PSP provides exceptional service with high praise from projects. I suggest if you are not familiar with their team you reach out.”